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Import in iTunes - an Automator workflow (OS X 10.4 or newer)
An Automator workflow ready for Finder context menu.
Selected fileas are imported in iTunes with re-encoding (encoding is performed according to current iTunes import preferences).

Import in iTunes

It’s quite easy to add tracks to iTunes Library: drag them on iTunes window, or double-click if the tracks are already associated to iTunes.
But… what if we want to re-encode tracks, i.e. form an hig bitrate mp3 to a 128 AAC? Then we should import, convert, find out the original, delete it and its file, find out the copy…

Here it is the workflow: selected track files in Finder are directly encoded in iTunes accordin to current iTunes encoding preferences for import.
When conversion is over the user is prompted for changhe/set the artist and/or the album name (for all the tracks).

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Original software by faqintosh.com
Author: Marco Balestra
This software is povided "as is", without warranty.
It is freeware, but not public domain: in order to redistribute it author's clearance is required.

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Import in iTunes.workflow

Context Menu

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