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tgzippa (opensource droplet, Mac OS X)
A very simple droplet that performs tar-gzip compression on files and folders.
The compression doesn't affect or modify original stuffs, by the way the compressed files will loose Mac OS specific resources (including type, creator and icon) and privileges (owner and group).

This droplet becomes quite useful if you want to send a compressed archive to a peecee user without having him to receive also "._" Mac resources file, bundled when the archive is created via the standard Tiger zip facility.

Most of the standard expanders can easily handle tar-gzip files, then this droplet is quite useful if you need to exchange data with other platforms.

© and Credits

Original software by faqintosh.com
Author: Marco Balestra.
This software is povided "as is", without any warranti. It is freeware but not public domain, in order to redistribute it author's authorization is required.

© and Credits


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