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Applet for automatic Fast User Switch v. 1.0, Mac OS X 10.6 or greater
An apple (AppleScript script saved as Application, readable source) to automatically execute Fast User Switch.

Data management

Applet data (short user name, and password) are stored within the applet as properties.
You cannot read them back, but you can run again setup.
If the applet is edited and saved, saved data are lost.

It’s possible to create multiple copies of the applet, rename them, and then define per each one setup data (short user name, and password) for different fast user switch actions.

© and credits

Freeware, opensource.
Original software developed by Marco Balestra for faqintosh.com

This software is distributed “as-is”, with no warranty.
In order to redistribute it you need the explicit authorization of the author.

© and credits


FastUserSwitch.zip (32KB)