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Localization switch (opensource applet, Mac OS X)
Run this applet in order to activate or deactivate the ".localized" files for the special folders located in your user's Home directory.

What ".localized" files are

In Mac OS X folders name is always the same, regardless of the localization, but the Finder has the ability to show some names in a localized form.
The ".localized" are 0 bytes file stored in several folders, this placeholder tells the Finder that the folder is a "localizable" folder.

What this applet does

In order to deactivate the localization feature this applet renames ".localized" files in ".localized.disabled".
In this way it is always possible to revert the localization, while this would be harder if the ".localized" files are deleted.
Only acts on user's Home directory special folders.

© and credits

Original utility by www.faqintosh.com
Concept: MadProf
Realization: Marco Balestra


Localization switch (21KB)