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System Utilities

.DS_Store enabler/disabler (opensource) - Mac OS X 10.4 or newer
Prevent OS X from creating new .DS_Store files on network volumes.

CleanUp smb mess v. 2.2
Quickly and easily clean FAT/FAT32 drives, pendrives, SD memories for mobiles and cameras, SMB/CIFS Samba shares (Windows and Linux) from ".DS_Store" and "._*" files, and other invisibles files the Mac lefts behind. Allow enabling/disabling “.DS_Store” files creation on network volumes.

change creatype
An easy way to change type and creator

Two disk ejecting utilities (Eject also the volumes that Leopard Finder doesn’t eject)
These utilities are two “one-trick pony” developed because sometimes Leopard FInder (10.5 and 10.5.1) no longer see mounted disk images, and the user looses the ability to eject them.
Apart of their original goal, the utilities can be useful if you want to eject several disks at the same time.

Applet for automatic Fast User Switch v. 1.0, Mac OS X 10.6 or greater
Use this applet to trigger an automatic Fast User Switch, also from schedule or Login Items.

Localization switch (opensource applet, Mac OS X)
activate and deactivate the ".localized" files for Home folders

Maintenance v. 0.1 - Mac OS X 10.4
Permissions repair, prefs cleaning, logrotate.

PermitAll (opensource droplet)
A droplet that will set permissions to everything for everyone

Repair Home Privileges 1.0
This small app is a one-trick pony: it performs one and one only task.
Its purpose is to give back to the user the full control on his/her own home folder.

Super Empty Trash v. 2.1, v. 2.3 - Mac OS X
empty trash with administrator privileges

Swap Saveability (v. 1.1, Lion or newer, opensource applet)
Enable/Disable per application the ability to save and restore open documents when quitted and launched again.

tgzippa (opensource droplet, Mac OS X)
simple droplet to create tgz (tar-gzip) archives

That’s Mine! (opensource droplet)
A droplet to claim user/group ownership on files and/or folders (with contents)

Automator workflows (OS X 10.4 or newer)
Collection of Automator Workflows