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Trash mail duplicates (opensource applet, v. 1.0, Mac OS X 10.5 or newer)
Sometimes it happens, i.e. restoring a backup or importing messages from another computer, experience duplicated messages in a mailbox…

What the applet does

Search within Mail.app selected messages for message duplicates (if any), and moves them to Mail trash.

Select a block of messages (max a few hundred at the time), then launch the applet.

This is freeware

This program can be used for free.
In case you decide to support faqintosh you can issue a donation through PayPal.

© and Credits

Original software by faqintosh.com
Author: Marco Balestra
This software is povided "as is", without warranty.
It is freeware, but not public domain: in order to redistribute it author's clearance is required.


Trash Mail Duplicates.app