iSync plugins for Sony Ericsson mobile phones


Plug-in for using Sony Ericsson mobile phones in iSync, OS X version 10.4.6 or newer.
All plugins are free of charge, and can be freely downloaded.

V640i plugin has been successfully tested on Leopard, too.



Mobile plugins, thanks to:
• Andrea RImondi (K618i)
• Alvin Koh (K630i)
• Aldo (S500i)
• Federico (V640i)
• EvanMac (K800i, W710i)
• Carlo "karakarota" (W850i)
• Stefano Perna (Z310)
• carlomrwhite (Z610i)



Plugin for SE K618i

Plugin for SE K630i

Plugin for SE K800i

Plugin for SE S500i

Plugin for SE V640i

Plugin for SE W710i

Plugin for SE W850i

Plugin for SE Z310

Plugin for SE Z610i

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