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iSync phone plug-ins, how to use (OS X 10.4.6 or newer)
All plugins are free of charge, and can be freely downloaded.

How to use

In order to install plug-ins download and unzip one of them, then place it in folder “PhonePlugins” inside the “Library” folder at the root level (create folder if it does’t exist already).

Use the “Library” folder in the hard drive root if you wish to have the plug-in installed system-wide, otherwise use your urser’s Library if you want to have the plug-in installed for your user only.

iSync plug-ins 10.4.x support requires OS X Tiger, version 10.4.6 or newer.

Very often those plugins also work with Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5), in any case as Leopard-only specific plugins will com out we'll make them available in the appropriate (plug-in for 10.5)


Send your plugins to Mad Prof
If you wish to add to this page a plugin that you have prepared on your own, please send it to:

Pugin 10.4.x by brand

Here follows a list of 10.4.x plug-ins for iSync available for free on faqintosh.com, as provided by faqintosh contributors, grouped by brand.
Browse each brand page for a full list of phone models.

iSync plugins for Motorola mobile phones

iSync plugins for Nokia mobile phones

iSync plugins for Siemens mobile phones

iSync plugins for Sony Ericsson mobile phones

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