iSync plugins for Nokia mobile phones (Require Mac OS X 10.5)


Plug-in for using Nokia mobile phones in iSync, OS X version 10.5 or newer.
All plugins are free of charge, and can be freely donloaded.

Don’t forget to check also the plugin page for OS 10.4.x: 10.4.x plugins are supposed to work also with newer version of OS X.


Notes on 5500 Phoneplugin

Raphael Wolfer, who added the icon to the plugin packaged by Nicola,  confirms the Tiger compatibility of Nokia-5500.phoneplugin.


Mobile plugins, thanks to:
• Nino Zocco (2600)
• Nicola Lomartire (5500)
• Davide Cittaro (5610)
• Paolo Granvillani (7510)



Plugin for Nokia 2600

Plugin for Nokia 5500

Plugin for Nokia 5610

Plugin for Nokia 7510

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