iSync plugins for Siemens mobile phones


Plug-in for using Sony Ericsson mobile phones in iSync, OS X version 10.5 or newer.
All plugins are free of charge, and can be freely donloaded.


Note on P1i plugin

It’s a patched version of the plugin provided by SE (v. 1.07).
The original plugin has a limit of 500 characters when syncing iCal activities, while this version supports up to 2000 characters (the phone limit).

K320/K320i: plugin v. 2.0

SonyEricsson K320/K320i plugin has beed updated, now it should be more compliant when cross-checking data between AddressBook and the mobile phone.

If you already use a plugin for K320/K320i, then in order to update it:
• Remove K320 mobile phone from Bluetooth Preferences pane, if any
• Select and remove K320 mobile phone from iSync, if any
• Delete plugin /Library/PhonePlugins/K320.phoneplugin
• Install the new plugin
• Pair the phone


Mobile plugins, thanks to:
• Marco Balestra (K320)
• Daniele Dorelli (P1i)
• Nicola Lomartire (V640, Z310)
• Alvin Koh (W660i)



Plugin for SE K320/K320i

Plugin for SE P1i

Plugin for SE V640

Plugin for SE W660i

Plugin for SE Z310

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