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iChat pictures manager v. 0.4 - Mac OS X
I wrote this small app in order to easily manage the "Recent Pictures" used in iChat.

Software localizations included are for English, Italian and French.
It will work also under different localizations of Mac OS X, of course, the localization only affects the program itself.


✓ individually delete recent images
✓ save and restore collections of images from and to recent images
✓ open recent images in Apple Preview
✓ save somewhere a recent image

Known limitations

✗ images must be loaded, sized and framed directly in iChat
✗ the program will quit iChat before modifying the current set of recent images

What is planned for further releases

⌥ copy of individual images across collections
⌥ import/export of collection files for easy exchanging and archiving

This program is donationware

"Donationware" means that yes, you can use it for free...
By the way if you apreciate the work I do with this kind of programs let me feel it by a symbolic donation.
If you wish, consider this program like a shareware without limitations: technically you do not need to pay for it, donation is simply an ethical issue.

Your quite small (suggested: $2 or more) PayPal donation will help future developments and updates.

Click here in order to issue a $2 (or more) PayPal donation.

System requirements

⌘ Mac OS X 10.3
⌘ iChat 2.1

How to install

Installation is not required. You can unpack the archive and run the program.

This application has been developed using AppleScript Studio.

Version history

Added French localization (many thanks to Jean-Jacques Ardoino).

Fixed a minor bug impeding the "Save image" dialog to appear in 0.4 build.

Added collections.

First release.


ichatpm.zip (193KB)

iChat Pictures Manager


Marco Balestra