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Fusion Assistant (v. 0.1, for Vmware Fusion 1.1.1)
This is a very early release, the plan is to design a GUI for Vmware command line tools.

In this very first release the only available option is to increase the size of an existing virtual disk image.

Once the HD image has been inflated, the partition hosting the guest OS should be resized, too, in orde to fit the new disk size.
In order to do that you should boot your guest OS with some kind of HD live partitioner CD, like gparted live (fon *nix) or “Partition Logic” (free, also handles NTFS partitions).

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Original software by faqintosh.com
Author: Marco Balestra
This software is povided "as is", without warranty.
It is freeware, but not public domain: in order to redistribute it author's clearance is required.


Fusion Assistant 0.1