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Place Skype calls from Address Book (opensource, v. 1.1)
When installed Skype also installs its own Address Book plug-in.
Unfortunatly such plug-in requires that all phone numbers (including local ones) are prefixed with international country code.
That’s annoying…

How-to use the Plug-in

Save the script in the "~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins" folder (create it if necessary).
If Address Book is running then quit it, and run it again.

Once the plug-in is installed it will be possible in the Address Book to place a Skype phone call through the contextual menu of a phone number named “Dial with Skype (auto-prefix)”.
When placing the call the plugin will automatically add default international prefix whether the phone namber doesn’t start with a “+”.

More info

The first time the script is invoked the user is prompted for local international prefix, then the script stores it in preferences file (“com.faqintosh.AddressBookScripts”).
Such preferences are shared with other scripts by faqintosh.com, then the prefix could be already set.

Remove original Skype plug-in

If it was not overwriten when installing this, the it is located in "/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins" folder, starting from system hard-drive root.

© and Credits

Original software by faqintosh.com
Author: Marco Balestra
This software is distributed without any warranty.
It’s opensource but it’s not public domain, an explicit authorization of the author is needed in order to redistribute it.

© and Credits