mehTunes v. 2.0
iTunes stores music in a very comfortable format, “.m4a”, smaller and smarter than “.mp3”.
Sometimes it’s necessary to export from this format to MP3, and in this case using iTunes is pretty uncomfortable, because:
  • iTunes MP3 exporter isn’t exactly exciting
  • It’s necessary to convert, copy and then remove from iTunes Library
On the other hand there are many third-party conversion tools, but arranging music is a task tipically already performed in iTunes.

I wrote this small utility in order to fill the gap, and easily convert iTunes playlists in high-quality MP3 files by keeping the entire organizational work (tagging, sequence) inside iTunes.

mehTunes is shareware, unlimited both in functions and duration.
The suggested fee is 2€/$, from within the application you can easily issue a simple and secure payment through Paypal.

© 2011-2014 Marco Balestra

The perfect MP3 iTunes companion

mehTunes is the easiest way to export iTunes playlist to high quality MP3 files, suitable for MP3 CD and non-apple MP3 players.

mehTunes is a stand-alone application developed in AppleScript ObjectiveC, and because of this it requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard (or newer).

It interacts with iTunes, and prompts the user for MP3 processing.

Key features

  • Automatically interacts with iTunes and reads iTunes playlists and their “exportable” tracks
  • High MP3 encodinq quality, quite better than iTunes - thanks to LAME
  • Advanced file name control, with accents filter and much more
  • Editable output file name, directly in track list
  • Reliable preset values, reliable for launch & convert
  • Great control over LAME parameters

System requirements

• Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or newer
• iTunes
• 1MB on HD, plus a few temporary MB for conversion

Mac OS X up to 10.6 could use mehTunes v. 1.2

System requirements

MP3 conversion: LAME

mehTunes uses LAME 3.98.4 binary to deploy high-quality MP3 encoding.

LAME is released under LGPL, and is available on www.mp3dev.org

  • Choose frequency between 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz
  • Define “Noise shaping and psycho acoustic algorithms” parameters
  • “Auto Gain” checkbox switches OFF or ON (accurate) the “ReplayGain” LAME function
  • Using CBR, set Constant bitrate
  • Using VBR, set minimum and maximum bitrate
  • Using VBR, set compression quality in a 10 steps scale (from smaller size to higher quality)

MP3 conversion: LAME

Advanced features

mehTunes offers advanced features in relation to output file naming, and several options.


  • Optionally prefix filename with a fixed-width leading progressive number
  • Optionally output only “safe” file names (alphanumeric characters, “ ”, "-" and "_") based upon track name
  • Optionally output “safer” file names (like above, no spaces)
  • Optionally output “8.3” WinDOS-like file names
  • When producing “safe” versions meTunes converts a lot of accented characters into the plain equivalent
  • Safe names are visible live in Track List
  • Track Name in Track List is editable, changes will affect output file name
  • Optionally group in Artist folders
  • Optionally group in Album folders
  • When using leading number and Album folder, track number is used

In addition:
  • Double-click to reveal original track in iTunes
  • Once a track was converted, it becomes unselectable
  • Double-click a converted track to reveal it in Finder
  • When converting Unicode characters are converted into Latin1 ASAP, and passed to LAME for tag contents

Advanced features

Version history

• May 2014, version 2.0

  • Mavericks support
  • Removed Italian localization

• May 2011, version 1.2
  • Increased application responsiveness by detaching conversion process
  • Conversion can now be stopped at any time
  • LAME MP3 conversion progress is on display
  • While selecting it’s possible to play a track
  • While exporting, option to play the track under conversion
  • Check/unchek menu operations no longer change selection, neither view
  • Changes to naming rules no longer reload the playlist
  • Fixed a possible memory overflow by stressing GUI
  • Several minor GUI enhancements
  • Introduced Italian localization

• April 2011, version 1.1
  • Fixed a bug that could result into memory error
  • Fixed a potential bug that could hardly prevent temporary folder from cleaning
  • Fixed a possible error in decoding by excluding “Protected” tracks
  • Fixed a possible error in decoding by enhancing detection of stereo/mono source
  • Enhanced LAME quality control (“-q”) through options
  • Enhanced LAME bitrate control for both VBR and CBR
  • Enhanced LAME control on output Gain (ReplayGain OFF or Accurate)
  • Enhanced MP3 tags by transcoding UT-8 to Latin1 while feeding LAME
  • Enhanced Naming rules: As-is, Safe, Safer, 8.3 modes
  • Naming safe modes now convert most part of accented characters in the plain equivalent
  • Live preview of output naming in Tracks list
  • Track Names in tracks list are now editable, affecting output file names
  • Separate reload buttons for playlists and playlist tracks
  • Better and safer defaults values for conversion
  • Static strings are now Localizable

• April 2011, first release

© and Credits

Original software by faqintosh.com
Author: Marco Balestra
This software is provided "as is", without warranty.
It’s unlimited shareware: no license number, no limitations in features, neither in time.
Please do support shareware: it’s good, it’s useful, it’s necessary.

© and Credits


Download mehTunes 2.0

Download mehTunes 1.2 - for Mac OS X up to 10.6 (Snow Leopard)