iTunes related resources
Put scripts in Home/Library/iTunes/Scripts folder.

2iTunes: convert audio tracks while importing (readable droplet) - Mac OS X
droplet to convert audio tracks while importing in iTunes, or convert again tracks using current iTunes import settings

mehTunes v. 2.0
The perfect MP3 iTunes companion.
mehTunes 1.2 is the easiest way to export iTunes playlists to high quality MP3 files, suitable for MP3 CD and non-apple MP3 players.

Save Playlist tracks… (readable script) - Mac OS X
copy file tracks of current playlist

Scan for orphan tracks - Mac OS X
find file in iTunes Music folder but not in Library

Selected tracks info (opensource script) - Mac OS X
number, size and total time for selected tracks

Set enabled… (readable script) - Mac OS 9, Mac OS X
check, uncheck or invert check for selected tracks

Set EQ by genre (Mac OS X)
set EQ preset of selected tracks according to genre

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