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iPod tracks ➞ Desktop v. 2.2 - Mac OS X
iTunes 7 users
Scripts work fine, but remember to enable the “Manually manage Music” checkbox in main iTunes screen (“Options”).

iTunes returns a "missing value" when you try to access to the location property of a file track stored on an iPod through applescript... but I wanted to be able to move my iPod from the G4 to the iBook, and vice versa.

Here it is my hack to get music off the iPod,

The scripts work with iTunes 4 or newer (up to 7), and iPod firmware 1.3 or newer.
The iPod needs to be set for manual management of music, and not for automatic music management.

What it does

The script "iPod tracks ➞ Desktop" is installed in iTunes script menu.
This script will copy the selected tracks in iTunes (not Playlists) off your iPod onto your Desktop, easily.
If a file with the same name already exists in the destination then the user will be prompted.
The way I found to get tracks copied is my small hack, due to this the script has been saved run-only. Sorry.

The script "iPod tracks ➞ Choose..." is installed in iTunes script menu.
This script will perform the same action than the previous, but will let you choose in which folder you want to copy the tracks selected in iTunes.

The script "iPod tracks ➞ encode" is installed in iTunes script menu.
This script will convert the iPod selected track(s) according to the current iTunes conversion preferences, adding them to iTunes main library.

The script "iPod tracks ➞ iTunes Library" is installed in iTunes script menu.
This script will add the iPod selected track(s) in iTunes main library, and to a library named according to iPod's name. If iTunes preferences are set to copy files as they are added to the library, then files will be phisically copied in iTunes Music folder.

The script "iPod tracks (Prefs)" is installed in iTunes script menu.
This script will set up some preferences for the scripts listed above.

The script "Whole iPod Library ➞ Desktop" is installed in iTunes script menu.
This script will copy the entire iPod library to the desktop, regardless of its internal organization in subfolders. The copy could take a long time, in any case thee user can stop it with the usual Command-. keystroke.

These scripts are donationware

"Donationware" means that yes, you can use them for free... By the way if you apreciate the work I do with these script let me feel this by a symbolic donation.
If you wish, consider these scripts like a shareware without limitations: technically you do not need to pay for them, donation is simply a moral requirement.

Your quite small ($1 or more) PayPal donation will help future developments and updates.

Click here in order to issue a $1 (or more) PayPal donation.

System requirements

⌘ an iPod with Firmware 1.3 or newer
⌘ Mac OS X 10.3 or newer (tested up to 10.4, 10.2 should still work)
⌘ iTunes 4 or newer (tested up to iTunes 7)

How to install

Run the installer, then run iTunes.

Please remember that...

If you don’t choose to manage manually songs and playlists on iPod iTunes preferences, you will not be able to select iPod tracks: disable automatic iPod update by selecting “Manually manage Music”.

If you choose in iTunes Preferences|Advanced to “Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to the Library" then the script "iPod Tracks ➞ iTunes Library” will phisically copy the track in your iTunes Library, not only a reference.

Version history

The hack that finds out iPod tracks has been improved
All file types are now copied, including Apple Loseless, WAV and possibly movies
Fixed an issue preventing the script to work in some (rare) cases depending on iPod name
New preferences (standard binary plist)
Mac-Intel compatibility has been improved
New names for the scripts, that include extension
New installer

New Installer, Universal Binary.

Fixed a bug preventing the retrieve hack to properly locate non-mpeg tracks with some localized versions of iTunes.

The new hack mechanism could copy more than one file, as a workaround of a previous known problem (the -very remote- possibility that the script copyied the wrong file).
Copied files are no longer renamed, this should grant the compatibility with weird charsets, like japanese one.
Filename uniqueness is now granted by prompting the user.
- Added script "iPod tracks -> encode"
- Added script "iPod tracks -> iTunes Library"
- Added script "Whole iPod Library -> Desktop"
- Added preferences and preferences script
- Introduced donationware.

Now supporting iPod firmware 1.3, iTunes 4 and AAC audio tracks.

Renamed "iPod tracks -> Choose" into "iPod tracks -> Choose...".

Fixed a bug that was preventing the copy with some strange characters in file name.
Added the version of the script that will let the user choose the preferred destination.
Increased the speed of the copy: now tracks are copied to the maximum speed available with an iPod.

First release.
There was a remote possibility that the scripts copy the wrong song file: this was due to the mechanism of the hack itself, and could not be fixed.


iPod tracks ➞ Desktop v. 2.2

iPod tracks 2 Desktop v. 2.1


Marco Balestra