MacSOUP (fact sheet)
MacSOUP overall considerations:
• terribly fast in sending/fetching messages
• can be used also using only the beyboard
• initially frustrating, because of a "different" approach
• once it becomes familiar, the most part of people loves it

Type and license

GUI application for both Mac OS and Mac OS X.
Shareware, can be used in evaluation mode without limitations.


English and German localizations are included.
Third party localizations (i.e.: Italian) briefly follow every release, and can be installed on the existing application.


Mac only – both Mac OS and Mac OS X.
Imports and exports both unix mailboxes and "rnews batch" archives.

Server access

Both anonymous and authenticaded server access are available.
Partial support for multiple servers: MacSOUP collects informations in "settings", and handles such settings once at the time; each setting can connect to a different news server.

Binary support

MacSOUP is strongly thread and discussions oriented, binary support is quite poor.


MacSOUP handles filters for both killfile and auto-highlight (tag), both per newsgroup and globally, based upon specific headers or every header, both simple and regex.
Filtering (just like searching) is amazingly fast.


Charset and Unicode are correctly handled.


Automatically highlight answers.
Thread is displayed graphically, not through simple indenting but like a kind of "metro map".
User driven filter for kill/highlight and autokill/autohightlight are available, both simple and regex-based.


X-Faces are supported.
In addition macSOUP supports an offline file of resources that the user can download and use: throught this file poster names are automatically associated to a color image.


MacSOUP message window

Message and thread viewer

Guides and Links

MacSOUP Links, and MacSOUP guides available on this site

MacSOUP web site

MacSOUP guides

How to configure MacSOUP for usenet access

Navigate threads with MacSOUP

Quick tips for a better use of MacSOUP

How to solve problems with MacSOUP