Mac & Dreambox
The Dreambox is a fantastic toy.
It looks like a Satellite decoder, but it is a linux machine based on a PPC processor, with a 10/100 ethernet, web based remote control, http stream, and an Hard Disk bay that allows the user to record satellite stream directly in its original digital format.

It is not an object ready out-of-the-box, needs a firmware and several settings.
In these pages we collect information about Dreambox related management and tasks using Mac OS X.

Create a DVD from a Dreambox .TS recording
an easy recipe to create a DVD from a Dreambox recording

Stream dreambox video on LAN
How-to activate Dreambox stream with the browser or VLC

Mount a Mac OS X home directory on Dreambox
How-to configure a dreambox mountpoint for a Mac OS X home directory access.

Utilities available for Mac & Dreambox
a short description of more usefull utilities

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