Quick tips for a better use of MacSOUP
Some quick tips for MacSOUP, quite usefull if you are new to this program.

Automatically open a default setting when launching MacSOUP

As per MacSOUP manual, settings file can be stored in every folder (tipically below your user's Documents), simply:
✓ create an alias for your settings file
✓ name that alias "MacSOUP Default Settings"
✓ move the alias in your user's Library/Preferences
MacSOUP will open it automatically every time it is launched by the user.

Reply quoting only a portion of text

In the original message that you want to quote select the text to be quoted, then press the «F» key (follow-up, with or without the ⌘ modifier). Your follow-up message will contain only the quote for the selected text.

Subject change

Sometimes a subject change can be usefull in order to match better the content of a sub-thread.
In this case the new message subject should be like:

The new subject (Was: the old subject)

MacSOUP automatically recognizes this subject, and further follow-ups will strim out the "(Was: ...)" portion of the subject.

Links and long links

When you see a link you can ⌘-click it, and the link will open in your favourite browser.
Sometimes links are longer than a standard line, then they wrap. MacSOUP can handle also these multi-line links, simply select them before ⌘-clicking.
In any case if you are going to post a link longer than a line it is better to include it in < and >, so that MacSOUP will be able to get the entire link with a ⌘-click also without the selection.


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