How to solve problems with MacSOUP
Retrieve posts, user regex and more

Retrieve articles that are not in MacSOUP database

It is sufficient to subrice once more the newsgroup without removing the previous one. I.e. we have these groups:

it.comp.macintosh 0 8712 0 1356

and we want retriev posts not dowloaded in ICM, then we re-create it at the bottom:

it.comp.macintosh 0 8712 0 1356
it.comp.macintosh 0 0

and fetch posts again. When MacSOUP is going to fetch posts for the second ICM (setted to "ask what to do" in "article limits") will prompt us because they are a lot (suppose 65.000). We fetch the latest 10.000 and it will fetch all, but skipping that posts that are already in MacSOUP database for the first ICM. In the meanwile it adds the posts that we skipped, adding them to the first ICM (and not to the second one).

Search for two words in one article

That is: the "and" functionality in a regular expression. Suppose that we want to find out all of the posts containing both "pippo" and "pluto".

This solution will match posts with both "pippo" and "pluto", but also "pippotto" and "plutocratico":


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