Ann: Version 2.0 was released

iPod tracks -> Desktop Version 1.2.1, by Marco Balestra

Well, iTunes 3 and 4 return a "missing value" if you try accessing the location property of a file that's been transferred to an iPod via Applescript... but I wanted to share my iPod between my G4 and my iBook (and vice versa).
So, here's my hack, which now also works with iTunes 4, iPod firmware 1.3 and AAC files ;o)

What it does

Installs the script "iPod tracks -> Desktop" in the iTunes script menu.
-- This script easily copies selected tracks (not playlists) in iTunes to your Desktop.
-- The script names file(s) in a readable manner, and retains file comments and other original info.
-- The method of copying files is my little hack, so I've saved the script "run-only". (Sorry.)

Installs "iPod tracks -> Choose..." in iTunes script menu.
--This script works like the one above, but it allows you to choose the destination folder where the selected tracks are copied.

System requirements

  • an iPod with Firmware 1.2 or higher.
  • Mac OS X 10.2 (it should work with 10.1.2 or higher, but is untested...)
  • iTunes 3 or higher.

How to install

The easiest way is to run the Applescript installer provided.

If you'd prefer to install it manually:

  • Quit iTunes, if it's currently running.
  • In your home directory, locate "iTunes" folder in "Library" folder, and create a "Scripts" folder, if it doesn't already exist.
  • Put the scripts in said folder
  • Re-Launch iTunes

Known problems / issues

There's a remote possibility that the script will copy the wrong song to the Desktop: this is due to the mechanism of the hack itself, and cannot be fixed.

(BTW: Please note that I've tested the script on more than 1,000 tracks, and never had it fail...)

Other files should not be affected, and no other side effects are currently known.

Version history

Fixed a problem impeding the retrieval of protected AAC-formatted files.

Added support for iPod firmware 1.3, iTunes 4 and AAC audio tracks.

Renamed "iPod tracks -> Choose" into "iPod tracks -> Choose...".

Fixed a bug preventing copies of files with non-standard characters in the filename.
Added variant of the script which lets the user choose the preferred destination for copies.
Increased copy speed: tracks are now copied at the iPod's maximum speed.

First release.


This software is not a tool for 'warez' copies.
These scripts are strictly intended as a tool to allowing you to keep a single copy of audio tracks you legally own (on your iPod), instead of requiring duplicate copies of the same track to be stored on both the iPod and a Mac's hard drive.
Any non-legal use of this tool will automatically break the freeware license of this software.